Achill, Directors cut #1, Thursday 24th August

So we’ve moved from Donegal to Mayo, to knock off a couple of marathons on the stunningly beautiful island of achill, and found that Donna the race director for the weekends festivities has laid on a couple of extra marathons today and on Friday just for our amusement and benefit. The start was from a b+b/art gallery that was run by a friend of Donnas, the RD. Never quite had a start like that before,

I’d really not planned on running today, but Karen was up for it and I would have seen it as a wasted opportunity had we not ventured out. The weather was grim. Rain and hail coming in sideways across quite a few miles of open hill side, plus a few hills, and clinging mist the rest of the way.

I CAME THIRD!!!!! Mustn’t dwell on the fact that there were only 10 starters. With luck in years to come the first two will be exposed as drugs cheats and I’ll be victorious (ha!).

Hats off to the guy in the wheel chair who I’m told got around in just under eight hours. I got home in just under 5 and wouldn’t have wanted to spend any longer out there.

Splendid evening meal courtesy of Nick Nicholson, our temporary lodger, and we were joined by Colette too, irelands female record number of marathons holder. Classy company for this old cart horse!


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